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Search Engine Optimization – SEO


What is the reason for your company’s internet presence?


But are these things really happening?

Is your company’s web presence bearing any fruit?

Is the website really translating into better sales?

Is your answer to all those questions an emphatic no? Then rush to us now!

Our expertise as search engine optimization company is unparalleled

We are the specialists for affordable search engine optimization services in India and deliver the best quality products for search engine optimization India.

If you are a company looking for the right kind of exposure on the internet, We are the people to come to. If you want people to flock to your site, we can make it happen with our website optimization and search engine optimization India.

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization services (SEO) are a set of practices and tools which help draw traffic to your website by placing it on the top pages of the major search engines. The process of search engine optimizationaims at making your website more readable seo-keywordsfor the search engine spiders so all the relevant data on the site is more easily cataloged and recoverable. Additionally your website is submitted to useful directories which are subject and region specific. An exchange of links between your sites and other related websites is also conducted as this also increases the way search engines rank sites on the basis of certain specific criteria.

These are among the ethical methods of search engine optimization that are approved by the leading search engines like Google and Yahoo which CFTs employs. There are off course the “Black Hat” methods of search engine optimization that promise quick results. But these techniques can result in more good than harm as though they have the chance of being success full in the short run, they can result in your site being marked down or even delisted.

At BE Software Solution, our team of researchers are constantly innovating to come up with better ways improving the visibility of your websites. We as a premiere search engine optimization company have the potential to add a whole new dimension to your company’s visibility on the internet.


The Internet is more complicated than you realize. As you have probably discovered by now, it is just not enough for you to have a well designed website, easily navigable and filled with graphics to ensure consistently high exposure. The most common way that people search for products and services on the internet is through search engines. CFT is a premier website design as well as search engine optimization company. This means that it not only makes websites visually appealing but also configures them so that they have consistently high positions in search engine results. This is done with the use of website optimization and search engine optimization services.

Constant Innovation and Research

We are a top firm for affordable search engine optimization services in India delivering top search engine placements using cutting edge research methods. Using our proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise, we can ensure that your site will appear on the top rankings of web searches, increasing hits and thereby sales.

At CFT, a premier search engine optimization company in india , our extensive research enables us to designcustomized search engine packages for your specific requirements and according to the search patterns of the target audiences. Our teams of talented professionals analyze your website on its current out reach on the net, and tell you how to best market your site for the better positions on the major search engines. This goes a long way in increasing the visibility of the site on the net.